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Book Trading Groups at Yahoo Groups

A new concept of book trading, or rather, book releasing 'into the wild' for people you do not know to pick up, read and release. Make the whole world a library. Share your books with friends or strangers who love to read. Find out what happened to that book you left 'in the wild', who has picked up your book, when and where.


The Romance Reader

A book review site, the thing that draws me there is the special section called "Readers Helping Readers" which allows anyone to send in requests for help in finding out titles of books they have read and forgotten. All you need to do is provide any information you remember about the book and if anyone has read it before, you'll stand a chance of finding that elusive book again. Please note that they do not help you locate the book itself.


A Mystical Unicorn Online Used Bookstore

As the name said, an online used bookstore. The large database of Author Bibliographies provides me with a lot of help in tracing the backlist of authors and moreover, it is presented such that all sequels are grouped together so you know which you have to read in order.



Main attraction for this site should be the numerous authors' websites for fans to check on the latest news of their favourite authors and the contests they hold every month.

If you want to check what's in between a book (especially if you are testing out a new title or author recommended by people online), this is the place to come. Due to the large database and number of customers, you can read more about the book, find out how well it is selling, what other books the author has written, etc. And not forgetting, you can always place an advance order for a book if it is not released yet.


Romantic Times Magazine

Another book review site. Good for checking on the different kinds of themes of romance. Also has a section on cover models, find out which books your favourite model has graced.