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Full Length Romances Novels


Madeline Baker - Spirit's Song (Leisure Historical Romance)


She was a runaway wife, with a hefty reward posted for her return. And he was the best darn tracker in the territory. For the half-breed bounty hunter, it was an easy choice. His had been a hard life, with little to show for it except his horse, his Colt, and his scars. The pampered, brown-eyed beauty would go back to her rich husband in San Francisco, and he would be ten thousand dollars richer.

But somewhere along the trail out of the Black Hills, sometime during the long star-studded prairie nights, everything changed. Now, he would give his life to protect her, to hold her forever in his embrace. Now the moonlight poetry of their loving reflected the fiery vision if the Sun Dance: She must be his... Spirit's Song.




Parris Afton Bonds - The Captive (Leisure Historical Romance)


The Reiver

Once a powerful Highland clan, the mighty Kincairns had fallen prey to the conquering British army. his brothers murdered, his sister ruined, the new chieftain would see all their wrongs redressed. And in the dark of night, he seized the innocent bride of his hated enemy, intending to seduce her body and destroy her soul.


The Rebel

A firebrand by nature, a peacemaker by choice, Enya had married to assure her family's security. never did she dream that her husband had a foe as cunning and ruthless as Ranald Kincairn. But before the laird could hope to tame the fiery prisoner of his hatred, she would have him bowing down as captive of her love.




Cinnamon Burke - Lady Rogue (Leisure Futuristic Romance)


Pirate's Princess

Smooth as silk, delicate as porcelain, Ivory Diamond was every inch a lady. She was also a ruthless player in her father's pirate empire. Equally comfortable behind an easel creating artistic masterpieces or behind a celestial cannon enforcing her father's edicts, Ivory had but one weakness: She wanted a man to love.


Pirate's Prisoner

Sent to the pirate stronghold to infiltrate Spider Diamond's operation, Drew Jordan found himself in an impossible situation. Handpicked by Spider as a suitable "pet" for his daughter, Drew had to win her love or lose his life. But once he'd initiated Ivory into the delights of lovemaking, he knew he could never turn her over to the authorities. For he had found a vulnerable woman's heart within the formidable lady rogue.




Phoebe Conn - Arizona Angel  (Zebra Historical Romance)


Confederate Cowhand
When Lance Garrett hired on at the MacDowell spread, the handsome Southerner  was sure he'd be taming broncs and roping steer. He nearly quit when he learned his  job was to teach the boss's high-spirited daughter some genteel manners... until he saw MaLou MacDowell's lush curves, emerald eyes, and cascading golden hair. His hands ached to touch her, and his lips burned to kiss her all over, but the hot-blooded drifter knew she was off limits. He vowed to educate the feisty blonde, then ride fast and far to lose himself in the arms of a woman he'd paid to help him forget.


Frontier Tomboy
Raised among men, cattle, and horses all her life, innocent MaLou MacDowell knew she'd better practice some feminine wiles if she ever wanted to marry the boy next door. Then she met Lance Garrett, and the luscious beauty dismissed the idea of wedding her ranch to her neighbour's and thought only of appeasing her growing hunger for the rugged male. MaLou figured he'd fight her every step of the way - but  she swore one day soon she'd be his student in love, when he'd take her to passion's paradise and make her his own Arizona Angel.




Phoebe Conn - Tempt Me With Kisses  (Zebra Historical Romance)

Daniel Aragon knew trouble when he saw it, and Harmony Russell was more than he could handle. The auburn-haired beauty was a temptation from the moment he spotted her on the San Francisco pier... a temptation, and a torment. For her uncle was one of the land commissioners here to review the Aragon family's land grant, and Daniel could not afford to risk all he had for a few flirtatious nights. But Harmony was not about to let business come between her and the handsome stranger who'd stolen her heart with one dark glance. Casting aside propriety and pride, she set out to seduce the hot-blooded Californio... and was instantly seared by the passions her loving touch unleashed. Soon she was caught in a trap of her own making, enslaved to the desires that swept her into the heat of his embrace!




Pamela Kae Forrest - Sweet Silver Passion (Zebra Heartfire Historical Romance)


He Saw Disaster About To Strike

Just looking at the woman called Apache Sam filled Cooper with longing. She was a breathtaking sight with her long silver blonde hair and curves in all the right places. But to hire this woman to guide his wagon train into Indian territory? Cooper thought it might be a trick. He didn't care if she was the best guide in the territory, he didn't know how he would survive long hot days and nights on the trail with this vixen, for he was determined to caress every inch of her and fill her senses with the fierce heat of his embrace...


It Was Her Duty

Samantha wanted to say no to the tall, powerfully built settler trying to hire her as guide to a westward bound wagon train, but she needed this job to pay off her debts. So she would join the wagon train and ignore that man as best as she could. But the feel of his strong handshake as they closed the deal had set Sam's mind to wondering what it might be like to have those hands all over her body...

Together they would blaze a trail of ecstasy across the searing heat of the plains - in a journey that could only end in Sweet Silver Passion.




Emily Grayson - The Gazebo (Avon Fiction)


Some hearts can remain strong...

Some words may only be whispered once a year...

Every love needs one special place.


Some loves last a lifetime...

A reporter for a small town newspaper in upstate New York, Abby Reston is hungry for a good story when Martin Rayfiel walks into her office. Elderly but still hale and handsome, Martin tells the young newspaperwoman of his lifelong romance with Claire Swift. Though married to other people, Martin and Claire have faithfully met at the gazebo in the town square once every year for half a century to reaffirm a passion born in their youth.


Intrigued by the aging gentleman's tale, Abby finds herself drawn to the gazebo, hoping to witness the annual meeting of the star-crossed lovers. What she discovers instead is a briefcase filled with photographs, letters, tape recordings, and mementos - the complete and astonishing history of a remarkable love affair that spanned the globe and somehow survived in secret for fifty years.




Carole Howey - Sheik's Promise (Lovespell Historical Romance)


Allyn Cameron had never been accused of being a Southern belle. Whether running her own saloon or competing in the Rapid City Steeplechase, the brazen beauty knew the thrill of victory and banked on winning. No man would take anything she possessed - not her business, not her horse, and especially not her virtue - without the fight of his life.

An expert on horseflesh and women, Joshua Manners desired only the best on both. Sent to buy Allyn's one-of-a-kind colt, he made it his mission to tame the thoroughbred's owner. But his efforts to win Allyn for his personal stable failed miserably when she roped, corralled, and branded him with her scorching passion.




Nicole Jordan - The Passion (Ivy Books Historical Romance)

To escape marriage to a despised man twice her age, Lady Aurora Demming makes a scandalous arrangement with Nicolas Sabine, a dangerously handsome American facing execution for murder and piracy. She agrees to be his wife for one day... and one glorious, intoxicating night. Widowed, Aurora returns to London society with Nicolas' orphaned sister at her side to face a lifetime without love - until her "dead" husband returns and demands that she honor their vows and haunting her with promises of forbidden desire...




Arnette Lamb - Border Lord (Pocket Books Historical Romance)


A Lady's Desperate Mission

The lush Scottish hills stretched before Lady Miriam MacDonald, brilliant diplomat from Queen Anne's court. She had come seeking peace between the Scots and English - and won the admiration of two special men. The kindly, awkward laird of Kildalton Castle became a trusted friend. But the Border Lord, a dashing, tartan-clad legend disguised by black midnight, swept her into his arms... and claimed her innocence.


A Lord's Unbreakable Vow

A lifetime of anguish lay behind this disguise of Duncan Kerr, laird of Kildalton by birth, Border Lord by choice. If the queen's emissary, flame-haired Lady Miriam, unmasked him, he would lose the prize he held most dear. He had meant to seduce and compromise her... not to cherish and desire her.


A Passion That Sealed Their Destiny

By day, Miriam strove to establish harmony in the realm; by night she surrendered to forbidden pleasure with the mysterious Border Lord. Only he knew the truth, as elusive as the mists of the hills: whether he loved her passionate soul, or the promise of peace she brought to his beloved land...




Johanna Lindsey - All I Need Is You (Avon Historical Romance)

Headstrong Casey Straton inherited her mother's beautiful eyes and her father's stubborn temperament. So when she is denied the responsibility of running her grandfather's ranch - despite her unladylike prowess at roping, riding and shooting - the high-spirited hellion storms away from her Texas home, determined to prove she can do much more than "woman's work."

Successful businessman Damian Rutledge III came West for vengeance. But though he possesses a powerful physique and unwavering courage, the handsome Easter "dude" would have surely been lost in the wild west without the timely intervention of a half-pint bounty hunter called "Kid." There is more to this fearless gunslinger than first meets the eye, however. And when Damian discovers his rescuer is, in fact, a stunningly sensuous young lady named "Casey" in disguise, he realises that there are going to be very serious complications on the rocky trail that is leading them both toward a dangerous, irrepressible love.




Johanna Lindsey - Once A Princess (Avon Historical Romance)

Once Upon A Time...

In a rustic Mississippi tavern, a beautiful exiled princess was forced to dance for the pleasure of others - unaware of her regal birthright... and infuriated by a magnificent, golden-eyed devil who crossed an ocean to possess her.


From A Far Off Land...

A bold and brazen prince came to America to claim his promised bride. But the spirited vixen spurned his affections while inflaming his royal blood with passion's fire... impelling virile Stefan Barany to take in sensuous and searing conquest the love young Tatiana vowed never to yield.




Janelle Taylor - Moondust & Madness (Bantam Books)


Captive To His Savage Passion...

A moan escaped Jana Greyson as this strong handsome stranger invaded her lips with his demanding kisses. He had stolen her from her world, made her his prisoner, and now enslaved her with the trembling rapture of his hunger... igniting a white-heat that melted her will to resist.


Slave To Her Own Desire

Commander Varian Saar had come from a place beyond imagining and claimed Jana for his own. His powerful hand left a fiery trail across her ivory skin, his cobalt eyes possessed her with their unrestrained longing... and now her fate rested in his quicksilver grasp. Forbidden partners... forbidden love... and soon their mad, tumultuous union became a pledge as boundless as the universe itself, a promise to seek their future among the glittering stars.




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Series Romances


Sandra Brown - Tempest in Eden (Warner Vision Romance)


A renowned artist's model, Shay Morrison thinks nothing of exposing her body to inspire great works of art. Hidden inside her, where no one can see, is the pain of a failed marriage. Then she accidentally walks in on Ian Douglas as he steps from a shower. Every gorgeous bit of him is immediately apparent - as is his disapproval of Shay. What isn't so obvious is his profession: Ian is a minister, and in a very staid community. Challenged and hurt, Shay decides to seduce him. But waiting for her are the traps of her own weaknesses and the potent force of sexuality... as a woman with a troubled past tries to understand a man different with anyone she has known before, and the new feelings rising from her heart.





Amanda Browning - A Promise to Repay (Mills & Boon #3463)


'A very devious, dangerous man' was how Kate described Aidan Crawford. She had been looking forward to ruining him, had thought of little else but the prospect of revenge. Yet, when it came to the point, she found herself up against a worthy adversary. Until he kissed her, she had thought herself frigid, unable to respond physically to a man. Why did it have to be Aidan who melted the ice which encased her? And would she never ever be free from the shadows of the past?




Ginger Chambers - A Fire of the Soul (Dell Candlelight Ecstasy Romance #83)


Safety - that was what she needed most after the shock she'd received when she discovered that Carl, the man she'd thought was hers, was about to be married - to her sister, Marla!

A refuge - but could she find it here on her uncle's remote Texas range? Amanda Reynolds had left her home, her job, her life behind. She would start over. All over. But the moment she arrived, her senses were jolted. Where was her uncle? And who was Boyd? Was he merely her uncle's foreman? he mocked her, maddened her, and taunted her with his insolent macho ways. What made him think he could read her mind... or possess her, body and soul?




Sandra Field - Up Close & Personal! (Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy Romance #4138)


Getting close was easy - getting personal was not.

The only thing that stood between Riley Hanrahan and another bullet was Morgan Cassidy. It was just luck that Morgan had stumbled across his wounded body. She couldn't just leave him there in the desert, even if after three days in his company Morgan was beginning to have sympathy for his would-be assassin!

Riley was overbearing, stubborn, utterly infuriating... and a walking temptation. If Morgan had been asked to describe the perfect man he'd have looked like Riley! Although both of them had reasons for fearing intimacy, Morgan had never felt so alive. And it wasn't fear or their situation that was making her feel that way. It was Riley Hanrahan!




Wynne May - A Plantation of Vines (Mills & Boon - Hardcover)


When Nikki left her Swiss finishing school and returned to her home in South Africa, the idea was, she felt, that she should settle down and marry her old friend Felix. But instead she fell in love with Philip de Berg, who brought her nothing but problems.




Susanne McCarthy - Don't Ask for Tomorrow (Mills & Boon Presents #2682)


'You are nothing but a... a reprobate!'

Kate needed Sean McGregor's help in finding the ancient wreck of the Belle Etoile if she was to clear her dead husband's name. But she had assumed the man Dave had mentioned was a grizzled old sea captain, not a devastatingly attractive, emotionally complex and utterly infuriating hunk! Kate was determined to remain loyal to Dave's memory: she would not be seduced by the warmth of the Caribbean nights and Sean's mocking charm. Yet how could she defend herself against Sean's advances when her own desires betrayed her so easily?




Jessica Steele - Bond of Vengeance (Mills & Boon Presents #2278)


Pleased though she was when her dear mother remarried, Keely could have done without her disagreeable new stepbrother Tarrant Varley, who seemed to look on both her and her mother as nothing better than a pair of adventuresses. All she could do, she decided, was to keep out of his way as much as possible. But Tarrant was to play a larger and more dramatic part in Keely's life than she could possibly have foreseen, and she found her initial hatred of him turning to something suspiciously like attraction. And that was to be her undoing...




Kathleen O'Brien - Trial By Seduction (Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy Romance #4143)


Sleeping with her enemy!

Mark Connelly had always been the black sheep in his family, and Glenna knew she was playing with fire the day she walked back into his life.

He'd transformed himself from a sexy rebel in a leather jacket... to a seriously rich financial hot-shot. Some things hadn't changed, through: Mark still had women falling at his feet. But not Glenna. She had returned for revenge, not seduction. Mark had secrets in his past, a ten-year-old scandal Glenna was determined to uncover. Only her search for the truth seemed destined to begin - and end - behind Mark's bedroom door!




LaVyrle Spencer - Spring Fancy (Harlequin Temptation #0684)


Sometimes destiny follows no rules...

Winnifred Gardner, maid of honour at her best friend's wedding, never dreamed she'd be tempted by handsome, teasing Joseph Duggan, the best man. Her own wedding was only three months away!

The attraction was dangerous, and Winn knew it was wrong. but the initial thrill developed into a sensuous blaze, one that threatened to flare out of control. Winn was faced with an agonizing choice...




Alex Stuart - Sister Margarita (Mills & Boon Doctor Nurse Romance #139)


Sister Margaret Hay holds no grief at all for the darkly handsome and gifted surgeon Julian Freyton and has good reason to believe the feeling is mutual. So why on earth does she agree to go with him to Spain to nurse his delightful small patient, Felipe, instead of enjoying her much needed beach holiday there? And would she have agreed to go if she had known what dangerous intrigue would apparently surround their errand of mercy?




Kay Thorpe - Temporary Marriage (Mills & Boon #1849)

Under the terms of her father's will, Regan had just five weeks in which to find herself a husband, or lose her beloved family home. So when Keir Anderson turned up out of the blue - and out of her past - she asked him to marry her, as a purely temporary, business affair. Rather arrogant of Regan really - because when they had last met, six years ago, and Keir had proposed to her, she had haughtily turned him down. At any rate, now he accepted her proposal, and presumably her terms as well. But then he proceeded to turn the tables on her - not once, but twice!




Mary Wibberley - Fire & Steel (Mills & Boon #1730)

It takes quite a man to come from humble beginnings to become a millionaire tycoon - but then Garth Vanner was quite a man, Arwenna realized. Then she got rather more involved with him than she might otherwise have done, when he did her a good turn and put her under an obligation to him. Perhaps Arwenna should have realized what would, inevitably, happen, when she found herself comparing her fiancé James unfavorably with this dynamic newcomer - but by the time she did, it was too late. Yet what was the use of her falling in love with a man who would never want her except as a casual affair?




Mary Wibberley - Gold To Remember (Mills & Boon Romance #1780)


Janna had lived a very sheltered life with her father in Peru, but now her father was dead and she was having to cope, as best as she could, on her own. Then, quite by chance, she met Luke Tallon, who virtually rescued her. He couldn't have been kinder or more helpful, and Jenna knew she would be grateful to him all her life. She knew too, that she would love him all her life. But she could never expect him to love her in return - for he belonged to Annabel, the fiancée who was waiting for him in England...




Patricia Wilson - Temporary Bride (TIP) (Harlequin Presents #1238)


It was a terrible choice for her

Yet Kit Landor was as implacable as his piercing blue eyes when he told Charlotte, "You'll marry me or Uncle Joe gets what's coming to him."

Charlotte couldn't let her beloved uncle go to prison. Besides, Kit was too attractive for his own good, and Charlotte was not immune to his charms.

But she wasn't going to let him have things all his own way. Why should she - especially when he really wanted the glamorous Veronica.




Eileen Winwood - Words of Love (TIP) (Jove Regency Romance)


Under the nom de plume of "Mrs. Wellesly," the lovely young Samantha Compton penned tales of romance and adventure. The hero of her latest book was dark and dashing - just the sort of rake she secretly fancied in real life.

Then, during her dizzying debut Season, Samantha met a man who could have stepped out from the pages of her novels - the seductive Marquess of Blackwood. But the plot thickened when her childhood friend, Edward, earl of Landsdown, warned her against the handsome Blackwood... Suddenly, the clever young miss found herself in a romantic dilemma - and she could only hope for a happy ending!




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Miscellaneous Romances


Barbara Cartland - Theft of a Heart (Arrow Books)


Amanda and Vernon, her brother, have vowed to avenge their father's death and to repay some of his creditors since, owing to the disloyalty of his business partners, his firm went bankrupt and he took his own life in despair.

Together with Major Jackson, with whom Vernon was a Commando in Malaya, each coup has been successful and the last partner to pay forfeit is Max Manton, a man who owns a magnificent collection of modern paintings.

How Amanda gets into his villa, how she and Max Manton are kidnapped, how she succeeds in rescuing him and yet finds herself in a desperately dangerous situation, is told in this fast-moving story.




Barbara Cartland - Terror in the Sun (Pan Books)


"I find it impossible to fight against love"

Once in the tent, Brucena knew she need not be afraid because she was held close against Iain's heart. There, very quietly she began to warn him of the ambush.

Ever since she arrived at Saugor in the spring of 1832 accompanied by a disapproving Major Iain Huntley, Brucena had felt the menace of Thuggee - the sinister and terrifying religious sect which her cousin, William, and Iain were determined to destroy.

In the terror-laden corridors of a Maharajah's palace, antagonism swiftly turned to love, but there were many more dangers to be overcome before Iain's long, slow, passionate kisses could draw her heart from her body and make it his own...




Barbara Cartland - Messenger of Love (Arrow Books)

Greenwich Palace, in the reign of Elizabeth I: the beautiful Andora Bland arrives from the country to take up her post among the Queen's Maids of Honour... a post which she discovers can be both dangerous and exciting.

Andora meets the dashing Sir Hengist Wake, recently knighted for his buccaneering exploits, and as Andora encounters both treachery and danger, she discovers that Sir Hengist is as much a pirate ashore as he ever was at sea.




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Non-Romance Fictions


Nothing at the moment



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