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Hi, welcome to my trade list.  I started reading romances when I was 14 and hasn't stop since. Over the years, I collected some books which I feel would be better appreciated by others, and hence the setup of this romance trading page.  If you find something you want but unfortunately have nothing on my Wish List to trade for, E-mail me and we'll work out something. It's most likely I will find something on your trade list that I didn't put on my Wish List. I have too many wishes. :)

For a book's plot synopsis, just click on the links for the book you are interested in and you'll be able to find out what it's about. Take your time. Happy Searching!  ~ Collin

P/s. I'm from Singapore and I trade internationally.

Full Length Romance Novels Series Romances
Miscellaneous Romances Non-Romance Fiction

Note: (TIP) denotes "Trade in progress"

Full Length Romance Novels
Author Title

Madeline Baker

Spirit's Song

Parris Afton Bonds

The Captive

Cinnamon Burke

Lady Rogue

Phoebe Conn

Arizona Angel

Tempt Me With Kisses

Pamela Kae Forrest

Sweet Silver Passion

Emily Grayson

The Gazebo

Carole Howey

Sheik's Promise

Nicole Jordan

The Passion

Arnette Lamb

Border Lord

Johanna Lindsey

All I Need Is You

Once A Princess

Janelle Taylor

Moondust & Madness

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Series Romances
Author Title

Sandra Brown

Tempest in Eden

Amanda Browning

A Promise To Repay

Ginger Chambers

A Fire of the Soul

Sandra Field

Up Close & Personal

Wynne May

A Plantation of Vines

Susanne McCarthy

Don't Ask for Tomorrow

Kathleen O'Brien

Trial by Seduction

LaVyrle Spencer

Spring Fancy

Jessica Steele

Bond of Vengeance

Alex Stuart

Sister Margarita

Kay Thorpe

Temporary Marriage

Mary Wibberley

Fire & Steel

Gold To Remember

Patricia Wilson

Temporary Bride (TIP)

Eileen Winwood

Words of Love (TIP)

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Miscellaneous Romances
Author Title

Barbara Cartland

Theft of a Heart

Terror in the Sun

Messenger of Love

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Non-Romance Fiction
Author Title

Nothing at the moment

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