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On this page, I put all the quotes and excerpts of all that I have read and loved. These words and paragraphs do not belong to me, they belong to all the talented authors out there. I hope I am not doing anything illegal, but if I did, it was unintentional, kindly do not sue me. Let me know and I'll take it down. Meanwhile, enjoy!


Very Truly Yours by Julie Beard

"Good God, I've seen her before," he whispered to Harding.

"Not surprising, I daresay. Turn and run while you can, sir," his plump companion replied.

"Who the devil is she?"

"I believe she goes by the name of Trouble."

"Do you recognize her?"

"No, but all women are trouble where you're involved."    - Chapter 1, pages 15 & 16


Mackenzie's Mission by Linda Howard

"Man must be trained for war, and women for the relaxation of the warriors; all else is folly."    - Friedrich Nietsche

"Hogwash"    - Linda Howard - Prologue, page 7

"He punched the button on the speaker, and when a tinny voice answered, he ordered two cheeseburger baskets. Then he half turned toward Caroline, his wide shoulders wedged into the corner of the truck, and casually said, 'I'm going to kiss you when we get back to the base.'

Caroline stared wide-eyed at him, her heart going into its crazy thumping rhythm again. 'I want onions on my cheeseburger. Lots of onions.'" - Chapter 3, page 65


Double Standards by Judith McNaught

Bracing herself on her forearms, Lauren lifted her chargrined gaze from the man's shoes to his face. "Auditioning for the circus," she told him dryly. "And for an encore, I usually fall off the bridge."    - Chapter 2, page 21